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A luxury brand for women with passion and purpose

We create garments that strike the perfect balance between comfort and femininity.

It’s all about impecable fit and perfectly executed details.

Up your game. Dream big. Be you.

Transition effortlessly from business meetings, to cocktail hour in high-end luxury garments
made of a delicate blend of silk, fine cashmere, and lace. SAFIRO garments will make you feel confident and chic yet comfortable from day to night.

One woman – many facets

Confident, feminine, alluring & always elegant.

SAFIRO was created for sophisticated and ambitious women with a passion for life.

Drawing inspiration from sapphire, our brand celebrates the multifaceted and precious nature of womenkind. Whether you’re a mum or a high-flying business woman, looking and feeling good about yourself starts with wearing clothes that empower you to shine and be your best every day.

 Bringing together a unique combination of materials, textures and feminine silhouettes, we create elegant business and daywear, artistic cocktail dresses and special eveningwear garments that are luxurious, chic and alluring.

Experimenting with a variety of feminine styles and textures, each garment was designed with meticulous attention to detail, allowing you to shop statement pieces that will make you feel and look the best. 

Preview of the Collection

Elegant business and daywear


Cocktail dresses


Bespoke dresses for special occasions




Meet Yulia

SAFIRO is a vision of Yulia Shirokova, inspired by her own journey from Siberia to the business world in London.

Yulia has won a number of international scholarships, travelled all corners of the globe, and worked with high profile international organisations and global listed companies.

Since the age of 12, she has been designing and making clothes, initially for herself and her family, and then for clients. Combining her business knowledge, passion for art and design, craftsmanship skills and elegant style, she has decided to take a new step and set up her own brand.

“The way we dress says a lot about who we are and how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. My passion is to empower women to feel confident yet feminine and achieve their dreams through the way they dress.”


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